Come out to a free class and try the first few moves of the Tai Chi set.  Watch a demonstration of the Tai Chi set.  Meet your instructor and have any of your questions or concerns addressed.  You can register for the class at the open house or at the first class.  Click to view all of the Locations in and around London.

It is recommended that you choose one class to attend so that you learn the moves of the set in the correct order.  You are welcome to attend any other class that is offered with the understanding that the group may not be at the same point in the set as your class.  The online schedule provides a list of all of the Introduction to Tai Chi classes offered in London.

We follow COVID protocols to support a healthy community (masks optional, physical distancing).

Click to download the CTCA London COVID Guidelines.

Click to download the list of all Spring/Summer CTCA London classes.