The instructor training sessions will be held in January, March, April and June. The sessions are open to all members
All continuing classes for the month of January will be focusing on reviewing the movements of the Tai Chi set.
The set review sessions are open to all members interested in reviewing the balance, angle and direction of each move.
The Introduction to Meditation course is 5 sessions starting January 5th. The meditation comes from the teachings of Mr. Moy
The Introduction to Lok Hup Ba Fa class will teach the first half of the set as taught by Mr.
The Canadian Tai Chi Academy in London is using a cloud based membership management system by RhinoFit. Download the iPhone/iPad
The Canadian Tai Chi Academy now accepts dues payments through credit card. Members can manage their profile and setup credit
Push Hands 推手 (also known as Sticky Hands) is a training technique that Mr. Moy used to help us develop
Members are invited to a banquet on February 10th to celebrate the start of the Year of Dog.